Crypto critic claims EOS & Tether have same founders

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September 26, 2018 by
Crypto critic claims EOS & Tether have same founders

Crypto movie critic that goes by the username, Bitfinex’ ed, lately made some questionable insurance claims. Bitfinex’ ed tweeted that EOS conducted its ICO to release Tether, and also included that EOS and also USDT have the same owners.

Bitfinex’ ed created, “Eos required the money to release Tether. That’s why the FSS record was done just as the Eos ICO finished. Both Eos and also Tether same founders.” Earlier this year, the news burst out that Tether and Bitfinex have the exact same founders and also currently, Bitfinex‘ ed is taking the claim a step additionally. The insurance claim indicates that EOS and also are all connected to the Tether rip-off, as well as same individuals are running the operation.

Remarkably, these insurance claims showed up among the news of some very early executives leaving The information came as a shock to many as finished $4 billion initial coin offering (ICO) just lately. The biggest crowdfunding occasion that involves the sale of a brand-new cryptocurrency. $1 billion out of the $4 billion elevated was reserved for the advancement of EOS.

The information of the separation of the executives was rapidly responded to with criticism by crypto area. One of the critics composed on Twitter, “They elevated $4 billion bucks, put out a spunk open resource protocol and after that all the directors left 1 month after main internet launch to start one more business that is currently in stealth.”

The tweet was retweeted by Bitfinex’ed claiming significant link in between cryptocurrency business and adding that EOS conducted its crowdsale in order to release USDT. It’s tough to claim just how much of the Bitfinex’ed’s cases hold true, or exactly how also EOS and also is linked to Secure and Bitfinex. The only thing that’s verified is a clear connection in between Bitfinex as well as Tether, but no link in between EOS and also Tether has been shown yet.


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