IOTA drops to 10th place, can it get a boost from HelloIOTA?

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June 28, 2018 by
IOTA drops to 10th place, can it get a boost from HelloIOTA?

IOTA has had a rough month with the coin’s prices dropping in the bearish market. And though its managed to pull up a bit, the coin seems to have dropped from the 9th position. MIOTA is currently at the 10th position in the cryptocurrency market, according to Coinmarketcap’s data. The Blockchain project places a lot of emphasis on its community.

And the community in return is a very close knit, loyal one. Whether its good times or bad for the currency’s value, the IOTA community come together to celebrate. While the tough market has seen the cryptocurrency’s value sink, the company has kept up its efforts in building partnerships. Bitpanda, the Austrian exchange recently announced that the cryptocurrency can be purchased for fiat cash at various Austrian post offices.

The cryptocurrency market, as a whole suffered from the lethal grip of the bear markets for the past weeks. While the market is recovering, it’s quite slow.

The website was built to provide the digital currency’s community with the latest news and developments in the IOTA project. Different cryptocurrencies operate their website differently.

Community engaged activities are quite rare and HelloIOTA is an example of this rarity. They clearly state that they are an organic project by the crypto’s community and not produced by IOTA. MIOTA enthusiasts can get the latest news on what the crypto company is up to and some tutorials as well. These cover topics such as ‘What is IOTA?’ ‘How do I get it?’ and ‘Where do I keep my MIOTA?’ Apparently it’ll get you up to speed on all things IOTA in just 15 minutes!


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